Introduction week

social distancing blanket

Our first week at the academy was filled with getting to know your classmates, the school, the workplaces and the workplace teachers. This was quite difficult with the whole COVID-19 situation, making half of it online, but nonetheless was it fun!

Social distancing blanket

To make the physical part of the week COVID-19 save, we had to make a circle with a diameter of 1,5 meter and all sit in it, social distancing! Now I use it as a cute blanket on my bed.

with Celina


Avatar, Unicorn

One of the ways of getting to know each other was making an avatar. The avatars that will represent you when you’re not in your classroom. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of time and I wasn’t too familiar with working with cardboard. But I tried to challenge myself by making a 3D unicorn, so I’m still happy with it!


For the online part of the week we got a tour around all the workshops with a few little workshops. One of my favourites was the Ceramics workshop. We were given a chunk of clay and a piece of wood to make a tiny sculpture on. And because of my love for snails, I made on of clay!

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