De Night Watch


Onces Own View & Creatorship – Fifth Lesson

For this lesson I made a few REACTIVE WORKS / EXPERIMENTS out of my Alter Ego’s eyes.

Alter ego’s eyes

To let go of perfection, I made a Mondriaan inspired work (made by Marion Tenbergen) but without a ruler and only with quick and continues brush strokes. This way I couldn’t try to make the line with slow strokes and add to it to make it look right, the first line I put on the paper is the line it’s going to be.
Next I made 2 ‘pouring’ paintings, by putting thin, liquid paint in a cup and then pour the content on a canvas. This way you have absolutely no control over what will be created. To do this, I had to let go of an anticipated outcome and just see what will happen. I did this with both Neon and Pastel Accrylic paint.
One of the most stupid ideas I have ever gotten, is to recreate a masterpiece, but in only stickfigures. I have thought about this before in the past, but always said “no I can’t do that, it’s too bad…” and that is the exact reason my Alter Ego just HAD to do it. It was my goal however, to still make this recognizable enough that someone who knows about art would recognize is. I picked The Night Watch, because it is such a famous painting.

The last picture is not that important, however the moment I took it is. You can see the reflection of the wall painting I made in my bedroom. Before I took this picture I was working on the last details for my wall painting, which resulted in a very long white drop that went from the middle to the bottom of the wall, where it was NOT supposed to be. 2 months ago this would have ruined my day and I would have been upset and frustrated for the rest of the day. This time however, I just said “I can paint over it” and got on with my day. This was the moment I realized that this project, the Alter Ego, was working for me.

My reflection

I let go of perfection and control with these REACTIVE WORKS. I had a lot of fun and didn’t take these as serious as I normally would have. The Night Watch is my favourite work, just because of how ridiculous and fun the idea was.
The Alter Ego also started helping in my daily life.


Progress into less perfectionistic and control and more fun time is great. Go even weirder, sillier, funnier, more ridiculous with your works. Maybe try something in 3D.


I am making progress in letting go of perfection and control, and having more fun while not taking it so seriously.
I will continue pushing myself out of my comfort zone and making work out of my Alter Ego’s eyes.

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