Onces Own View & Creatorship – Sixth Lesson

For this lesson I made some more REACTIVE WORK. Unfortunately I was sick this lesson.


I unfortunately missed this class, I was sick. But I did make some more work from my Alter Ego’s eyes. Because I liked my version of the Night Watch so much, I decided to make some more art works in that style.

Presentation idea

To present my final PROJECT or/and REACTIVE WORK as my Alter Ego, I wanted to rent a presentation room on school. My plan is to make sure the room is completely empty, nothing on the walls and no chairs or tables or anything else. Then I will hang up a blank canvas with next to it the nameplate “The Void”. That is it, nothing more, nothing less.

I want to do this, because it is something I would normally nevver do. To me this is incredibly stupid, not taking a PROJECT serious at all and I could never do something like this for a grade.
My Alter Ego however, thinks it’s great. A hilarious joke (don’t take everything so seriously) and a great way to let go of the “a final work has to be perfect and finished” etc.

my reflection

Again I made 3 REACTIVE WORKS that are equally ridiculous as amazing. I have a great idea for how my Alter Ego would present my final work.


I didn’t get any feedback this lesson, because I was sick.


For this lesson I made some more Alter Ego work and came up with a presentation for my final work.
For the next lesson I will be working on everything I need for my presentation.

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