Onces Own View & Creatorship – Third Lesson

For this lesson we had to make 3 statements. I wasn’t present at this lesson, because public transport failed me.


We had to make 3 statements, we didn’t have to agree with it for 100%, it is just an exercise. We could make it through our Alter Egos eyes (if you already had one) but you didn’t have to. 
I made my 3 statements through my Alter Egos eyes;
“Go with the Flow”, as in the famous quote my Alter Ego lives off.
“Not everything has to be perfect or right”, you don’t have to colour in the lines or according to reality.
“Burn the planning down” in which the video is the statement, to let go of control and be more spontaneous.

Burning planning list
my reflection

I made 3 statements through my Alter Egos eyes. They all stand for what my Alter Ego would do, say or think.


I didn’t get feedback, because public transport failed me and I couldn’t get to school.


This week I made 3 statements through my Alter Egos eyes. For next week we have to make a “plan of action”.

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