You Can’t Leave Me – process


Onces Own View & Creatorship –Third Phase

Lesson 2: 11th February 2021

Story of my life

In a group we had to come up with a story and then visualize it. We picked a story about me, in which I almost fell on ice while walking my dog. This story was based on an actual event, we changed it however to me actually falling, the ice cracking and then me falling through the ice, ending up in a different world.

The first part was made by Lotte, the second by Celina and the last by me.

Lesson 3: 25th February 2021

Honingeiland – Honey Island

For this phase we had to read a couple of different stories and then pick one we like. This story was going to be the foundation for both the Once Own View and Sources lessons. I choose Honingeiland (Honey Island) by Manon Uphoff.


Theme phrase (Thema zin): from power to impotence / powerless.
H (main character): Constanza the Empress.
O (obstacle): Her own distrust.
N (necessity): Power / control is the only thing she has and values.
D (goal): To stay in control and have power.
Dramatic situation: madness, ambition, rivalry between superior and subordinate.
Logline: A power-hungry Empress wants to stay in control of her subjects / servants / peasants, by killing everyone she mistrusted. She kills everyone, which makes her feel powerless.
– problem: Wants to stay in control of her subjects / servants / peasants and her distrust.
solution: Kills everyone she distrusted.


We had to come up with 2 interpretations, according to our analysis, and then draw these in a trilogy (3 act structure).

My first one was about an ’employer that does not trust his employees and fires everyone’. 
1. Set up – introduction: Employer distrusts his employees.
2. Confrontation – rising action: Employer fires the employees that he doesn’t trust.
3. Resolution – crisis: The employer has no employees left and his company goes bankrupt.

My second interpretation is about a ‘girl who lives in an abusive relationship’. 
1. Set up – introduction: Boyfriend and girlfriend get into a fight (mostly boyfriend screaming at his girlfriend).
2. Confrontation – rising action: Girlfriend tries to walk away / leave him. During this fight the boyfriend pushes his girlfriend down the stairs.
3. Resolution – crisis: The girlfriend dies and the boyfriend regrets this. He however still puts the fault in her hands.


Employer: Clear story shown with simple characters and figures. The text in the illustrations makes it one image. Using color is a great way to distinguish characters.
Abusive boyfriend: Great and clear story with a good 3 act structure. Text becomes one with the illustrations. Great use of different perspectives. Very interesting and unique interpretation.

Lesson 4: 4th March 2021

Character design

Protagonist (Main character): The girlfriend in the relationship. She is insecure, has a bad or non-existent relationship with her parents (daddy issues), is vulnerable and withdrawn. She wants to be loved ( why she started dating the antagonist), later on she gets scared of the antagonist and wants her freedom.
Antagonist (Opponent): The abusive boyfriend. He is agressive, dominant, intimidating, jealous, suspicious and irritable. He wants to keep his control over his girlfriend and to not lose her.


Lively character sheets. The art of a simple line gives a great way of showing space. The simplicity of only lines, black, white and one color is great. The emotions and facial expressions are clear and it’s easy to see how they feel.

Lesson 5: 11th March 2021

Concept art

Concept art is all the design of an animation, graphic novel or game.
– Environment, surroundings or setting.
– Character design
– The storyline
– Props

Environment Design

The design of the interior design in my story. The main importance is the stairs. 
We had to make the setting / environment out of objects.

Lesson 6: 18th March 2021

The current situation

Story: A girl who is in a abusive / controlling relationship. The story starts when she realizes that she is in fact in an abusive / controlling relationship and she’s trying to get out. Her boyfriend tries to stop her from leaving. During their fight he pushes her down the stairs, ‘accidentally’ killing her. He ends up alone after all, blaming her for leaving.
Theme phrase (Thema zin): from power to impotence / powerless.
H (main character): The girlfriend and the abusive / controlling boyfriend.
O (obstacle): The girlfriend can’t take it anymore and tries to leave her boyfriend.
N (necessity): The boyfriend doesn’t want to end up alone and powerless.
D (goal): Boyfriend keeps in control over girlfriend.
Logline: An abusive / controlling boyfriend doesn’t want to lose his girlfriend and stay in control of her. She tries to get away from him and to stay in control, he (accidentally) kills her.
– Who: Girlfriend and abusive / controlling boyfriend.
– problem:The boyfriend doesn’t trust his girlfriend (reason for the fights). She tries to leave him and he doesn’t want that.
solution: Boyfriend ‘accidentally’ kills girlfriend.
P.O.V.: All-knowing narrator.
Environment / setting: Bedroom and staircase.

Lesson 7: 25th March 2021


We have to make an 10 images series that will visualize the story we came up with. We had to start with making a storyboard with 10 sketches.
I started off with making and placing the images I already had from my earlier storyboard and character sheets in the right place and added some text to be more clear about what I wanted to achieve with the image.
Next up I designed the bedroom and first / opening shot. 
I then sketched the rest of the shot.

while I was drawing my second storyboard, I noticed that the image I had placed as the 6th shot, better fitted as the 5th shot. So I changed it to the 5th and designed a new 6th shot.

Final assessment: 7th April 2021

10 Images Series

I drew all the sketches I made in the 2nd storyboard. Afterwards I placed them in the storyboard again, to see the total picture.

I want to present this in a graphic novel style, so I decided to change the font style I was using now to a more traditional graphic novel / comics font style.


I want to present my images series in a graphic novel based style. For this I looked at one of my greatest Inspiration sources for graphic novels/ comics.

Raul Trevino is an comic author and concept artist. I have been following him on Instagram for quite some time and used him as inspiration plenty of times. I knew he makes comics, but I never really looked at one (besides what’s on his Instagram). I decided to take a look at his work, and that’s how I found out about Webtoon.
WebsiteInstagramWebtoon ‘Live Forever’

Webtoon is a website and app on which you can read and make digital graphic novels and comics. You scroll through the comics from top to bottom. The story is divided into episodes. The images have to be 800px wide and 1280px long. The images are placed under each other in the order you upload them and there is nothing dividing the images while you scroll over them.

I find the special format to work in and how you scroll over the images, and that you have to read vertically (instead of the usual horizontally in comics), is interesting to me and I think I can be creative with how I can connect the images and the frameworks of the images.

You can’t leave me

I wanted to try to make a Webtoon Episode out of my 10 images series. So I started with turning my original drawings onto the Webtoon format. I had to be creative with the placement of the illustrations and the framework. some of the images I had to change some what. 

After this I started uploading them to Webtoon and seeing if it ran right and looked good, changing what I had to where I had to.
These are the images I ended up with and this is where you can find my Webtoon:

You Can’t Leave Me

Tip: The Webtoons do look better on your phone and the best in the free mobile app!!

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