The Void


Onces Own View & Creatorship – Seventh Lesson & Review

For this lesson and the end review of this semester, I started my PROJECT of presenting my last work as my Alter Ego would do.

corona version

Because of the lockdown I can’t use a room on school to present my piece of art, so I had to change my plan. But none of the rooms at my house are convenient to present my work in.
I had bought a mini canvas shortly before the lockdown started, and I realized I could use that, together with a shoebox that I can turn into a museum. Then I can film that and show it as my presentation.

The making of

I started this project by building my museum. I used a shoebox, cut pieces out of it and glued pieces on it, giving it an mausoleum look. Then I painted the outside of the shoe box white, the inside light gray and certain details on the outside the same light gray as the inside. I drew a bunch of lines crossing eachother on a white piece of paper and glued that on the bottom of the shoebox, creating a floor.
Next I drew 2 of the paintings I had drawn as stick figures, but this time really small. Both of the drawings I glued on the left and right inside of the box.
I made a miniature name bord, one you would see next to a painting in a museum, that said: 
     The Void
     Zoë-Yaël (2002-heden)
     Canvas, 2021
I glued this next to a miniature white canvas on the back wall of the shoebox.

Right now, the shoebox already looks absolutely hilarious. I, as me, would have never made this or even think about handing this in for a grade, but my Alter Ego is absolutely loving it!

the void

To show my painting and the museum I have created, I decided to make a video. The video had to be as dramatic as it could possibly be. The more over the top, the better.

I started by choosing a song that would scream DRAMA. I Choose the song Ameno by ERO, as it is definitely is dramatic and a song I really like. Normally I film what I want to film and then add an audio to it. This time I started with the audio and created my video around and based on the audio.
I shot a couple of different shots inside and outside the the museum.
I then used Adobe Premiere Pro to create a video. I first put the music in and started working off of that. I put every single video I used in slow motion. I used the most dramatic and most fitting transition I could find.
When my mom watched the video, she jockingly said it would really finish it if I would end with after credits. This idea was so hilarious, over the top and unnecessary, that I just had to do it!

The Void at the museum

At the end, I had created this over the top, dramatic video, all to show a blank canvas called “The Void”. And I am actually really proud of the outcome. 

Because I first chose the audio and then build my video around it, it was more as a whole.

my reflection

Because I couldn’t show my artwork (my painting “The Void”) at school with the lockdown, I had to change my plan. This lead me to a dramatic and over the top video, of a museum I made out of a shoebox, with extra stick figures, just to show a blank canvas.
I am proud of my end result. Even if it gives ‘normale me‘ anxiety as it is for a grade, my Alter Ego loves it and that’s the important part about this PROJECT.

First starting with an idea, then a audio and then make and adjust the video to it, makes the video more of a whole, and makes it look more professional.


In the beginning I referred to art and artist for my Alter Ego works. Later on I did this less, but still referred to art. Try to let it go even more.
The core is: presenting something that normally wouldn’t be presented. To present soemthing that you find important, something that you find worth the trouble and effort and time. Not what the world wants to see.
Keep going! You are not there yet, but you will get there!

Tip for future video’s: Try to build up the suspense.


Sometimes it is good to not take everything so seriously. Sometimes letting go and just having fun, gives amazing results, such as this PROJECT.

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