Project 1


Project 1 – Fourth Phase

Lesson 2: 23th April 2021


The article I chose: Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green
I started by highlighting the things I found important and interesting quotes I might want to bring forward more. Then I made some sketches I thought of while reading the article.


The magazine I chose Riposte and some of the examples I picked.
I chose this Magazine because it is a feminist magazine. It highlights women for what they have done and gives them the attention they deserve.

After I chose this Magazine, I decided to not go with the sketches I had originally made. The magazine mostly used pictures, and I could find a lot of beautiful pictures of Dr. Green. This article is to put Dr. Green in a spotlight afterall.

Lesson 3: 30th April 2021


The grids I made for my article spread, inspired by these examples from Riposte Magazine.

Lesson 4: 28th May 2021

Rewritten article

I rewrote the article, using only the pieces I found important. I took out all the parts that were too technical and put my focus with rewriting on Dr. Green.

Article spread first version

The first 4 pictures are the images I used for my spread design of this article. 
The next 3 pictures are the spread I made of the article. I however found this to boring, so I used the blue from Dr. Green’s dress in 1 of the pictures, to bring back in the 2 other spreads (the last 3 pictures).

I got the tip to try and cut out the picture on page 113 and switch it with the picture on page 112, but put it in the text. And then I flipped the other picture horizontally so that the 2 images would be looking at each other.

I also got the tip to cut the picture on page 114 in such a way that the gray poles would disappear in the white paper. My teacher found that the last blue page (115) indicated that it wasn’t the last one, so she told me to see how it would look if I made that page white and page 114 blue instead.

She also gave the tip to make the quotes and maybe headlines the same color blue.

Lesson 5: 4th June 2021

Article Spread second version

For this version I worked on the feedback I got. I also made 2 last version to see if the text up or down looked better. I found that the text down was in balance and the text up brought it out of balance, so the text down was the better option.


The first 3 pictures are the covers from Riposte that I used as an example. The 4th picture is the image I used for the cover I made. But because Riposte mostly used an even single color without pattern as background, I decided to do that too. I found the green in the background beautiful, so I used that. I also found her yellow dress beautiful, which also was a beautiful contrast with the blue from the spread, so I experimented with that too.
The last pictures are my experiments, and I liked the last one the most.

Final assessment: 11th June 2021

Affiche / poster

We had to make an affiche / poster for one of the other projects. I chose the animatic for project 3.

The first images are some examples I used.

I tried it with only the title and with the subtitle. I like the one with the subtitle more.

Instagram post

Of the affiche/ poster we also had to make an Instagram post, aka square. 
For this one I also made a version with only the title and with the subtitle. Again I liked the one with the subtitle more.

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