Project 2


Project 2 – Fourth Phase

Lesson 1: 15th April 2021

Visual mind map

A visual mind map I made while I didn’t know who I was going to meet yet. 
The only thing that I did know was that he/she would be a senior. 

Meeting Tom: 27th April 2021

Idea for 10 images series: 10 different stages of Tom’s life.
I find it inspiring, that Tom had to fight through out his life (starting sick, dyslexia, colorblind etc.) but got so far in his career and is such a happy person. I also want to include the passing of his wife, it was clear during our conversation that he loved her with all his heart and that he really misses her, still getting very emotional.

Lesson 2: 29th April 2021

Given by Daniel, substitute teacher.

Set up a color palette that fits in emotions or surroundings, for your illustration and animation.


Daniel gave me a tip; I didn’t have to draw the 10 stages of Tom’s life, but rather approach it in a more symbolic way. To use 1 item or object and show the sickness, growth, loss and healing through it. 
I have always loved symbolic (art)work but never made it myself before, so this seems like a fun challenge.

He also told me to describe his life – and what I find so interesting – in a few words, to get to the core of what I want to tell. 

A difficult start,
suffering and loss,
healing process
and continuing.

He also asked me why this would be interesting for others. I think it is because this is familiar to almost everyone. Everybody has to start somewhere,  we all grow, we all suffer, we all lose someone, we all have to go through a healing process and we all have to continue living at some point. This is how life works. Tom still being so happy and active makes his story inspiring.

Lesson 3: 20th April 2021 – “The Pitch” 

The solar system

For symbolism I decided to go with The solar system. I wanted to use something that would fit with Tom and because he loves stars, comets, planets, the moon and the universe, the solar system seemed to be a good symbol. Besides, there are 10 planets (if you include Pluto) in the solar system, exactly how many I need.

The form will be a sort of Zine

The Planets

Next I looked up all the planets , their appearance to see what they looked like and their sizes to know how big the planets had to be next to one another.

Sun           696.340 km
Mercury  2.439,7 km
Venus       6.051,8 km
Earth        6.371 km
Mars         3.389,5 km
Jupiter     69.911 km
Saturn     58.232 km
Uranus    25.362 km
Neptune 24.622 km
Pluto       1.188,3 km

Lesson 4: 27th May 2021

First version

I started making the first version with the design I had in mind.

The height of the planet is linked to how negative or positive the stage is. Up is positive, down is negative.  
For the more negative stages, I made the background darker.
For the more positive stages I made the backgrounds lighter with more stars and clouds.

My teacher told me to experiment with the quotes and that I can change the lay out. Some of the examples she gave for the quotes was to put it around the planet, or on the white line.

Lesson 5: 3th June 2021

Quote Experiments

These were the experiments I did with the quotes. 

The first one I tried as my original design, on the white page next to the planet.
The second I made on the line, just as the third. From the 2 I liked the one in the color of the planet more. 
The 4th and 5th are number 2 & 3 but then I made the type a lot bigger. Again I liked the one in color more.
So I made the last one, in which I used number 5, but made the text in bold, longer and clearer to read. I tested on my dad if it was readable. So this was my final choice.


Then I searched for all the quotes I will be needing for the 10 images.

  1. ” You are born to be real, not to be perfect.”
  2. “Health is not valued till sickness comes.”
  3. “I just found out I’m colorblind. The diagnosis came out of the purple.”
  4. “Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”
  5. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
  6. “When the student is ready, the master appears.”
  7. “Have defiant hope, because reasonable hope isn’t really hope.”
  8. “The sorrow we feel when we lose a loved one is the price we pay to have had them in our lives.”
  9. “As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.”
  10. “Knowledge is a treasure if you keep passing it to others.”

First six with quotes

I made the ones I had already made with the quotes. 

For the 3th planet I tried 2 different ways for the quotes. I found that the second one didn’t really look like a line anymore, so I choose the first version.
The 5th planet I also made 2 options. In the first one the first line ended in a sentence, the second one I ended at the comma. I found the second one better.

Final assessment: 11th June 2021

More quote experiments

I drew the last 4 planets and the quotes with it. 

For the 7th planet (first 2 images) I choose for a meteor shower, to show the events that are coming. In the first one I ended the line again in the middle of the sentence, in the second one I ended it after the comma. I liked the second one more.
For the 8th planet (3th picture) I choose a meteor impact, to show how horrible his wife’s passing for Tom was.
The 10th planet (last 2 pictures) I again played with the ending of the quote. The sound of the last one was better.

Tom’s Solar System

The final product. I called it Tom’s Solar System, because it explains Tom’s life, using the solar system.


Pdf with explanation:

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