Project 3


Project 3 – Fourth Phase

Lesson 1: 15th April 2021


I only know I will be meeting a senior. I want to focus on the positives in life, this corona is already hard and dark enough. Mostly interested in memories and stories, or things they do now to have a good time and stay positive.

My teacher said that I could record his/ her voice for the animation, because the voice of a senior is very recognizable.

Lesson 2: 22th April 2021


We had to draw 20 thumbnails about our meeting with the stranger. I hadn’t met my stranger yet so I made a couple about how the meeting possibly could go. I did know we were going to have lunch together.

Then we had to pick one of the thumbnails, search a sound that would go with it and make a 5 sec animation with it. I picked ringing the bell, because the moment right before I meet someone, gives me the most anxiety.

Meeting Tom: 27th April 2021

Idea for Animation: A story Tom told me about him Photographing Halley’s Comet in 1986, a comet that is visible once every 76 years and is visible to the naked human eye. I choose this story because it was such a fun and positive story and he told it in such a way that I could imagine how it was and how it looked.

Lesson 3: 29th April 2021

Concept development

‘Big idea’ with everything you know, ideas, words, associations etc.
Elevator Pitch: 
     – Tone
     – Logline
     – Theme


With the ‘Big idea’, but everything that has to do with visual concepts, shots, characters, objects, etc.

Lesson 4: 11th May 2021

Previsualization p2

Inspiration for the animation: moodboard Halley’s Comet Pinterest

Image experiments: I made and situation sketch and style frame showing the night sky and on the top of the mountain where the observatory stands. 

The first time this went wrong. It didn’t look at all like an night sky with a comet. I tried to correct it, but it only got worse, so I decided to let it dry and look if I could find a tutorial to help me. I found a very helpful tutorial by Chuck Black Art on YouTube and started over again.

Core of the Story

Draw the core of the story in 5 images: 
1. Tom calls the astronomer.
2. Tom travels to La Palma.
3. At the Observatory.
4. Looking at the night sky outside the observatory.
5. Photo of Halley’s Comet in a picture frame on the wall.


I don’t know yet if I should put the part in about the astronomer getting Toms picture and giving it to his boss, or if I should end it before. I think I will leave it out, the story is about Tom after all, not the astronomer.

I’m not sure yet about the in what style I exactly want to make this. Maybe I will make everything in black and white line style, with 1 or 2 other colors for the focus points. Or I’m not going to use lines at all and only colors, like in my image experiment. Or maybe I will use red lines. Or only line drawings in different colors.
Either way I want to keep it simplistic in color and style.

I can make the transition and the reason why) between England and La Palma more clear by using the clouds. In England below the clouds, in La Palma above the clouds. The clouds can be a recurrent factor in the animation.

Lesson 5: 20th May 2021 – “The Pitch” 


Its mostly going to be line drawings; black lines on a very light gray black ground – white backgrounds are too bright for me. 
Per image I will choose 1 focus point and only that one will have a color. This will still have black lines.
In dark scenes (at night) the background will be black and the lines will be white.
It will be simplistic in form and color. No 3D or shadows, but clear and efficient.

Lesson 6: 3th June 2021

Gorillaz and Animatics

I love Gorillaz and their Animations and Animatics. Because I was stuck on this project I decided to use them as an inspiration.


I drew these new 3 scenes in a style inspired by the Gorillaz.

Final assessment: 11th June 2021


After being stuck for a while, I finally got to work on the sketches for my animatic. 
Here I have both the storyboard and the video of my first sketch version, made with Toon Boom Storyboard Pro.

inspiration investigation

Because this adventure took place in 1986, I researched what camera’s and phone’s looked like back then. 

Second Version

Afterwards I made the second version. I drew all the line art and colored it in, using photoshop.

I used a typewriter font because it fitted with the ambiance and the period it takes place. I used paper as an background because it gave more of a Gorillaz ambiance and fitted with the type writer font.

I also made these 2 animations (click on them to activate the gif) in After Effects.

Because Toon Boom Storyboard was reacting weirdly on my scenes, I used Adobe Premiere to make the second version of my animatic.

Getting on Top of the Clouds

I feel like noises as audio would take away the ambiance of the animatic, so I decided on using a music piece instead.

Some time ago I came across this amazing harp cover of “Running up that Hill (Kate Bush)” by Amélie Guiboux and thought this was perfect for my animatic. Running up that hill is also something Tom is doing in this adventure.
The song itself was released in 1985, so it would already be playing by then too.

I edited the animatic on the music, so that these 2 would perfectly work together.

I also tried to use a few in and out zooms and fade in and fade outs to create what the Gorillaz do.

This is the final Animatic

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