One minute


Senses & Creatorship – Fourth Lesson

For this lessons, we had to make something called a “one minute”. It is a video of approximately 60 seconds, that shows what our experience was.

But now I had to make a decision: serene or sadness?

serene or sadness?

The 2 keywords and emotions that keep coming back to me in the strongest form are serene and sadness. For this exercise, I had to pick one of the 2 keywords as a basis of what I was going to show as my experience. Showcasing both keywords in only 60 seconds, was going to be hard.

I decided to choose for serene, this being the first thing I feel with my senses, before I look at the details and the (over)thinking starts. Besides, serene is a experience not a lot of people have with a graveyard.

one minute

I started with filming form both a First-Person and a Third-Person Point of View. But I quickly noticed how this made the experience quite flashy an fast, what can give the watcher adrenaline. This was the exact opposite of what I want to achieve.

To make this video as serene and calm as possible, the movement of the camera had to be slow and fluently. I asked my mom to film me walking past the graves, trying to read the names and dates. Excatly how I would normally walk over the graveyard.

One Minute old graveyard.

The smooth and slow movement of the camera made the video calm and serene. The video comes of as serene and shows my experience I have at the graveyard. 

My reflection

Multiple video’s put together make a video too bustling to give of a serene ethos. It gives too much impulses to create calmness and peace.
A smooth and slow filmed one shot video, with no extra adaptions, works the best in creating a serene ethos.


Because of the slow filming, the ethos was serene and calm.
Some people wanted to walk further with the persona in the video, but it could only last for 60 seconds so longer wasn’t an option.
I also got comments about the respect the persona shows and the unspoken bond between the persona and the (unknown) dead.

They gave me tips about possible next steps. If I choose to continue filming the serene side of my graveyard experience, I can try and make it even more serene and respectable.
One of the tips I got was to use flowers and film laying them on the graves. This could be done both with a prominent persona and without one.
I could also walk more past the graves, the same way I did in the one minute.
Another option I had was to film it from the perspective of the persona, so that the watcher is also the one walking, giving of even more of a experience.


I’m getting drawn more and more towards the serene side of my experience. But at the same time, am I still drawn to the more emotional sad side of my experience. And I don’t know on which I should focus.

To see one more time which side I want to choose, I will go back to the old Graveyard one more time.
I will also try to visit the graveyard while it is dark, to see if this would change the experience in any way.

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