End Reflection Phase 2


The End Reflection for Senses & Creatorship in Phase 2, first semester.

The goal or assignment for this phase

For our second phase we got a new assignment. We had to repeatedly visit a chosen location and find out what we felt at the location. We had to listen to our senses and document the impulses and our experience at the location. Eventually, we had to make an experience for someone else. One that isn’t a build replica of the location, but only the experience you had at the location.

This is my end work: From Serene to Sad

‘From Serene to Sad: the Experience’ , Senses end work

positives and learned

I was good at analyzing what I felt, and why, at my location. In my one minute, I showed that I am capable of creating a video that gives of the desired ethos, in this case serene, peace and calmness. I summarised the core of my experience, from serene to sad, correctly. I got the compliment that I correctly summarised what the subjet Senses & Creatorship is about; an experience is not something you can photograph or film, an experience is something you alone can feel. This is exactly what I showed in my End work. I completely let go of the location and purely looked at the experience I got from it, creating a new situation with this experience.
I learned to work with Digital Programs like Audacity and Adobe Premiere Pro.


I had a hard time figuring out what I exactly had to do for this assignment, I didn’t really understand the subject. It took a while for me to realize what they wanted from me. This is why I lingered too long in going back to my location and researching / analyzing. It took to long for me to start doing (big) experiments. 

what i take with me for phase 3

For the next phase, I will work on starting with experiments earlier on and not linger so long in research / analyzing.

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