Senses & Creatorship – Sixth & seventh Lesson & Review

From now on I will be focussing on my final project: making an experience for someone else, that makes them feel what I experienced at the graveyard. My inspiration will be the 2 keywords serene and sadness.


I don’t have to recreate the graveyard, only give another person the experience of what I felt. So for the experience I completely let go of the concept of a graveyard.

After my EXPERIMENTS with several drawing styles and mediums, I decided going with a drwaing for this experience wouldn’t get the desired results. It would not do justice to the emotions I want the viewer to experience.

In the experience I am going to build for someone, I wanted to create a setting that can both be a serene and a sad scene. This because these 2 emotion keep coming back and are the strongest.
To do this, I first had to create a serene scene, EXPERIMENT with how to influence the senses and then see how I can change this in a sad scene.

a serene scene

I asked a number of people what type of situation they think of, if I say the word serene. All had somewhat similair responses; 
One of a person sitting in the woods with their back against a tree, the warm sun hitting their body through a clearing in the trees. Birds are chirping and surrounded by the peaceful, soft smell of nature.

Inspired by the scene I just described, I will make an experience.

The only light source will be candles. Candle light is considered to be soft and peaceful.
To recreate the warmth of the sunlight hitting your skin, I will use a patio heater. Positioning it close enough to give of some warmth, but not that close that it is uncomfortable.
I will place them on blankets and pillows, so they will sit comfortable.
Burning incense, to be specific Lavender, gives a soft smell of nature. Lavender has a calming and soothing effect on the body and mind.
I will be playing a soundtrack I made myself. The sounds will be of birds softly chirping and a soft stream of water running, played softly.

Sad scene

To change the scene from serene to sad, I will change a couple of things:
The soundtrack I made, will change from serene to sad. The chirping birds and stream of water will be replaced by sad piano music and a rain storm with thunder in the distance.
Once the music changes, I will turn off the heater and turn on a fan. This way the comfortable heat gets replaced by the cold wind.

Soundtrack ‘From Serene to Sad’ made by me

Test run

I first started conducting some tests with the different elements I would be using.
I first tested how the pillows would be best and most relaxed placed down. I tested it both with and without the red pillow in my back and came to the conclusion that with the red pillow was the most relaxed option.
I tested on what position the fan had to be and how far from the body. The first position was the best option, cold enough but not too cold.
I also tested how far the Heater had to be from the peron sitting.
I also tested if the candle light would be enough to see the persons face clearly.
Then I tested how loud the audio had to be playing on my box, for it to be clear and not too loud, but also loud enough to be heared over the noice the fan makes.

After I tested everything separately, and had my set-up done, I tested everything together`as a whole experience on myself in this test run: 

Test of the experience on myself.

Everything combined gave the desired effect. I think my experience is ready, now I am going to test it on my little brother.

From serene to sad

Now everything is set up, I will make my little brother Mordecai experience my experience.
Pay close attention to his face and body language!

During the first part Mordecai had a small smile on his face. When the music changed and the fan turned on, his smile first stayed on. He grew a little awkward however because of the wind, rubbing his face on the part it hits him. After sometimes his smile fell and he dropped his hands a little, clearly getting less content and more sad. When the music transitioned to only some lose notes, he let his schoulders fall forward and started breathing in and out really heavily, something I know he does when he gets emotional. At the end he yawned, another thing I know he does when he tries to hold in his emotions. After I ended the video, he had tears in his eyes he tried to blink away.

Mordecai said that the experience first was really serene and calm and almost happy. But eventually te experience went more cold, the happiness slipped away and made room for the sadness. The experience stayed serene the whole time though. It was more of a serene sadness then a melodramatic sadness.

my reflection

I made an experience portraying my experience at the graveyard; Serene and sad.
I tested it on myself and my little brother Mordecai. He found the experience to be Serene and almost happy in the beginning, and sad but still calm towards the end of the experience.


I perfectly understand what this subject is about; the experience is invisible and made of emotions and what your senses feel.
The video shows an experience that I made with different elements, rather than an image or a film (because the experience is not an image).
Less doubting, more doing! Divide the experiments in small pieces.


I learned that an experience isn’t something that happens and you can film, an experience is how something makes you feel and what your senses take in. It is invisible. That’s why I made an experience with different elements, rather than an image or film.
Tip for the second semester:
Less doubting, more doing! All the time you are doubting, you could have been trying and finding out what gives the desired effects. And if it goes wrong or doesn’t give the desired outcome, who cares? I learned what doesn’t work and can move on to the next step! Start with small steps, if it is too overwhelming.

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