Manipulated Senses


Senses & CreatorshipFifth Lesson.

During this test, I’m going to research if I can manipulate the mind into believing that they are actually touching what the image shows.

What I tell the subjects however, is that I’m researching “if seeing an image of what you are going to touch, makes you better at guessing which one is real”.


I filmed my 4 test Subjects and edited it into 1 video with Adobe Premiere Pro. I have never worked with this programme before and let me tell you, it is hard! I found it extremely difficult to learn, but luckily there are a lot of YouTube tutorials! And once you have mastered the programme, you can make incredible stuff with it! This honestly goes for every Adobe Programme.

One can trick the mind into thinking that the senses perceive something else than what it in reality is confronted with.

Hint: pay attention to the faces of the test subjects, at times they can be hilarious!

Manipulating Senses

This was the end score: 


The manipulation was indeed successful.
The subjects tried to convince themself that there really were 2 different specimens, by naming differences they felt, that simply weren’t there.

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