Night at the Graveyard


Senses & Creatorship – Fifth Lesson

I went back to the Graveyard one more time, to see for the last time which side (serene or sadness) I am drawn to more.
I also visited the graveyard while it is dark, to see if this would change the experience in any way.

new findings

I came across this unique grave. Somehow I had not seen this grave on my previous visits, eventhough it is located next to one of the trees I photographed during my first visit. (1,2)
I found this engraving in a Family Grave. I really liked the symbols, the scythe representing Death and the hourglass representing Time. So simple and elegant, but so full of meaning. (3)
Something I found quite odd, where these graves that are sticking out of the ground. (4)
I was very intrigued by this grave covered in moss. The way nature took over the grave, without making it unreadable, is beautiful in my eyes. (5)
This is a beautiful marmer gravestone, with a crack in it. Somehow, it feels as if the crack belongs there. (6)

Grave in a bush

I also found a gravestone facing a different direction than al the other gravestones. The grave itself collides with a different grave, which was strange already. What was even stranger, was that the gravestone was standing in a bush, growing out of the grave. Hidden so well, that this was the first time I had seen it.

The almost hiding of this grave, adds to the sadness.

Gravestone in a Bush.

double grave

Last time I visited the graveyard, I only saw this one gravestone (the one in the back) and not the second one. It looks quite odd. The last names are the same, however, so I guess it is not that weird. (1)
But I also found these 2 gravestones in one grave. The last names don’t match, so why are they standing in the same grave? (2)

Dubble grave with different names.


There were also birds chirping, adding to the serene ethos. I didn’t only hear the birds, I also saw them.

Bird chirping.

serene watercolour

Because the last drawing I made with the dry pastels (third lesson) didn’t give me the desired result, I made another drawing with the focus on the keyword serene. This time I choose one of my favourite scenes, the tree growing out of the grave. I decided to use watercolour paint, as it is a lot softer than dry pastels and might give a more serene image with the bright colours it has.

The watercolour works better than the dry pastels. I like this one more than the first one, but I think it can still be better in displaying a serene ethos.


I finally managed to go to the graveyard while it was still dark. This only lasted for a very short time however. I still got a few pictures and an experience.

Because almost no one was awake or in the city at the time, it was extremely quite. No people talking or walking, no cars, nothing. This made the graveyard even more serene and peaceful.
I should have been on high alert, being a woman and walking alone in the dark. But I knew that my mom was sitting in the car just outside the gate, watching for someone to enter the graveyard. So I didn’t have to worry about that.
The only thing I did hear was the sounds of birds chirping, only adding to the peace.

The darkness didn’t change the serene ethos, it actually made it even more serene and peacefull.

My refelection

Again this time, my experience while going to the graveyard where both serene and sad. It constantly shifts between the 2 emotions while I am there.

The EXPERIMENT I did with the watercolour paint was (more) successful in creating a serene ethos than the dry pastels I used in my third lesson.

Visiting the graveyard in the dark made the experience even more serene and peaceful. There was no one awake so there were no people talking or walking or cars, only birds chirping. I also didn’t have to fear anyone coming in.


This week I didn’t get feedback from my teacher.


I can’t choose which of the 2 keywords I should use for my final project, so I will be using both.
From now on I will be focussing on my final project: making an experience for someone else, that makes them feel what I experienced at the graveyard.

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