Serene sadness


Senses & Creatorship – Third Lesson

For this lesson, I worked with my teachers feedback from my last lesson;
I took a look at my collection and found the keywords in my work. With these keywords in mind, I visited the graveyard for the second time and made some reactive work.


I took a look at my collection of pictures and video’s, made a list of the keywords surrounding those pictures and organized them per keyword:

  • Sadness (can be found in almost every other keyword)
  • Serene
  • Beautiful
  • Forgetting
  • Broken
  • No identity
  • No recognition


I made a drawing while focussing on the keyword serene, inspired by the old part of the graveyard. For this drawing I used Dry Pastels, this because dry pastels have beautiful colours, are soft so easy to smudge and blend, and don’t come of so strong/ hard.

I found the Dry Pastels still too hard for the ethos (serene) I was trying to give of.
A next option would be to experiment with using watercolours to achieve the serene ethos.


The next 2 drawings I made, were inspired by the keyword broken. The first drawing is inspired by one of the broken gravestones. It has partly been put back together with white glue, a part is still missing. 
The second drawing is inspired by a broken gravestone, beyond recognition. This drawing can also be linked to the keywords forgotten and no identity, because the gravestone is broken and now their name is lost and forgotten.
Both works were made with Charcoal. This to contain the raw emotion of sadness and anger I feel for these people with the sharp lines, and because of how dark the medium can get.

The charcoal, in my opinion, did work to capture the keyword (broken), emotions (sadness and anger) and ethos I went for in these 2 drawings.


The last drawing I made, is inspired by the keyword sadness. The drawing is of a child grave. The child was born during WW2 and died at the end of WW2.
I used East-Indian ink to try and capture the sadness this image helds for me.

In my opinion, is East-Indian ink a good medium to capture sadness in. The images gives of the keyword (sadness) and my intended ethos.

My reflection

I gave my collection keywords: sadness, serene, beautiful, forgetting, broken, no identity & no recognition.

I EXPERIMENTED with dry pastel (serene), and came to the conclusion that it didn’t give me the desired result. The medium was still too hard for the ethos I tried to achieve.
I also EXPERIMENTED with charcoal (broken), to capture sadness and anger, and with East-Indian ink (sadness), to capture sadness. Both mediums did give me the desired results.


This lesson I didn’t get feedback from my teacher.


Somewhere in the next few weeks I will make a new REACTIVE WORK – EXPERIMENT inspired by the keyword serene. This time I will use watercolour paint, to see if this does give the desired results.

For next lesson we have to make a ‘one minute’. So I will be going back to the graveyard.

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