The difference between seeing and feeling


Senses & Creatorship – First Lesson

This class is all about feeling, listening to your senses and manipulating them. During our first lesson we walked through the school, casually dropping a student here and there. Were the student was dropped, was the place where they had to do their assignment. The first part of the assignment was to draw the room as it was, the second part was to draw what you felt while you were in the room.

Observing, feeling and drawing

I got dropped at the end of a hallway with not much in the room.

The entire time I sat there, maybe twice someone walked by. It was quiet, with the soft sound of people talking in the room next to this one. Not loud enough to be able to hear what they said, but loud enough for it to not be eerily quiet. This all together made it for me a peaceful place to draw. And these feelings I tried to express with one of the things that I dearly love, a beautiful peaceful nature scene.

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