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Senses & CreatorshipFourth lesson

I got stuck with the pictures I now had and the idea I was going for. So I decided to change my entire idea. I kept the sense of sight in my new design and the feeling I was going for, the negativity and fears linked to the pictures. I added the sense of touch in a way quite similar to an “what’s in the mystery box” challenge.

what’s in the box?

But my plan was more complicated than just touching something blindfolded. My goal for this RESEARCH was the question “if seeing an image of what you are going to touch, makes you better at guessing which one is the real one”.

I used a big box with 2 holes in the sides where the hands will go in. in the box I placed 2 little boxes, both filled with a substance that feel very much the same, but only one of them is the ‘real’ item.


Or so the attendees thought. My actual RESEARCH goal was to find out if I could manipulate their minds enough for them to believe that they’re really touching what the image says. I will try to manipulate the attendees by showing them certain stuff they just touched, but also purposely not show them other stuff.

There went A LOT of RESEARCH into finding good comparisons of what might feel the same. Eventually I made a couple of different duo’s, in total six, for the attendees to feel. And looked for pictures that would be clear enough for them to understand what they were about to feel.

WORMS: I used actual worms that I had to look for in my garden for one of the boxes, in the other I put thick cooked noodles.
CACTUS: I bought a cute little cactus for one hand, the other was something I made. I made the shape of a cactus and then stick           toothpicks in it. It was very obviously something else, but I did that one on purpose.
FISH EGGS: For one side I used Orbeez. Orbeez are water absorbing gel balls that are wet and can be a little slimy. I added some           fish food and water to the Orbeez to give it a little bit of an fishy smell. For the other side I used Orbeez, again. I did this to               see if the attendees would start to name out differences, that simply didn’t exist.
MUDD: On one side I used actual mud, on the other I made a mixture of tomato sauce and crunched macaroni.
SLUGS: For one side I used actual slugs, which meant going out late at night to look for them in the dark, because that’s when               they come out of their hiding spots. For the other side I used peeled tomato’s which I cut in the shapes of slugs.
COW EYES: For the last one I used peeled Lychees on one side, and also for the other side. Not because I couldn’t find any cow             eyes – because I do know how to find them – but because I wanted to see if again they would start naming the nonexciting             differences.


I first tested it out on my little brother, to see if the duo’s felt similar enough. To fully be able to manipulate him for my research, I ‘acidentally’ showed him the worms and cactus but told him after that one that I ‘”forgot” that he couldn’t see what he just touched’. This way he didn’t see that both fish eggs were fake. He did see the mud though, because both the mud and the tomato sauce stained his hands which he had to clean. After he touched the slugs, one of them tried to escape, which I took as an opportunity to ‘accidentally’ show him this one too. And the cow eyes I didn’t show him.

The test with my little brother, Mordecai.


Not only was this video quite funny, him being so scared and all (which also made me feel a little bit bad), it also gave me some great feedback to change for when I’m going to try this out on some classmates and my teacher.

One was to take away some of the water in the dirt, this way it would be more muddy.
The second one was to take away some of the noodles, there were way more than actual worms in the other box, and to add more dirt to it.
The third one was to get rid of some of the lychees and keep only 2 per box, this way once they found 1 box with 2 in them they will assume it is that one but get even more confused when the figure the other one has 2 ‘eyes’ too.
The last one was to change the picture of the cactus, because the original picture was the same as the actual cactus, they know the spines must be small. I changed the picture to this one:

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