Sources & Creatorship – Fourth Lesson

Primitive Architecture turned out to not be so interesting to me, so for this lesson I read the second book I choose, Baksteen (Brick).


The second book I gathered information from was Baksteen (Brick), James W.P.  Campell 2003. A book that shows all the different ways bricks can be used, even as artworks.

I choose this book because bricks are a much used medium in my walk.

‘What do you see?’:
There are a lot of different things you can do with bricks. I doesn’t have to be as boring and monotonous as it is here. You can make entire pieces of art with bricks. Which is why I found this book so interesting.

There are a lot of patterns in the buildings, making them really appealing and aesthetically pleasing for the eye.


After looking at my collection, I made some works, inspired by and as a reaction on the work I have gathered so far.

Inspired by both the patterns that keep showing up in almost every picture and the Tempels in Pagan, I drew this Lotus Mandala.

Inspired by the repeating patterns I made this pattern out of 4 colours of paper glued on eachother.

The lotus does look like it is inspired by the Tempels in Pagan, because of the repeating of patterns and the flowing leave-like forms. The pattern is also successful.

My reflection

Together with a group we looked at my work to see what stood out the most and to reflect what we saw in my collection. One thing that caught our attention was the repeating patterns. Another was the reliefs of animals and poeple in the brick walls. Overall was there alot of architecture and (obviously) a repeating material; bricks.


The feedback I got from my teacher was to find more information. I mostly have images now, but to add text. She also told me to choose 1 picture as a focus point, and go further from there.


For the next lesson I am going to pick one picture from this book and use that as my focus point to go further into my research. I also will be writing down more information from this moment on!

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