City walk


Sources & Creatorship – Second Lesson

For this lesson we had to go on an actual walk in our own neighborhood. During this walk, we had to take pictures, videos and voice recordings, make drawings, take notes and collect whatever we could find.


The first thing I noticed on my walk, is how crowded my city is. There are so many houses so close to eachother, which annoys me a lot.

Crowded walk, noices.


There also is a lot of industrial building and grey tones together with bricks in my walk.


Another thing that I saw A LOT was trash on the ground and in the bushes.

The bag in the 10th picture is filled with only 60% of the trash I found in 10 minutes of walking.


Extra things I noticed on my walk:

My reflection

My walk consist of a very crowded living space with a lot of houses close to eachother, a lot of industrial designs and trash on the ground and in the limited amount of nature.


This lesson I didn’t get any feedback from my teacher.

‘What do you see?’: A lot of gray and straight lines. Abstract shapes. City and new build. Trash and nature. Architecture. Repeating materials; stone and brick. Nature is planted by man and only little present. Big buildings and lots of homes. Same colour scheme. Only day time. Only graphite drawings.


We went to the library in the art academy to look for some books with information I can add to my collection. I found 2 books that might be interesting.

For the next lesson I will be reading these books to see what possible interesting information I can get from them.

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