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Sources & Creatorship – First Lesson

In our first (online) lessons we had to pair up and take a walk on Google Earth in each others neighborhood. we had to take notes of what we all noticed, what stood out and any questions we might have. I did this together with Celina.

celina’s walk

What mostly stood out to me about Celina’s walk, is that there was alot of nature. Almost everywhere you looked were trees or fields of grass. The roads were long and quiet with roundabouts, not once did I see a traffic light. There were also these dog related places, that stood out to me.

my walk

The next thing we had to do was to tell our notes to the person we just worked with, and then make a drawing according to what there notes said. Celinas notes about my walk in my neighborhood:

Busy, alot of wide roads, alot of houses, and alot of small water traffic.

So I made this drawing:

My reflection

My online walk in my city showed how crowded it is and how little nature present is, the complete opposite of Celina’s living area.


This lesson I didn’t get any feedback from my teacher.


For the next lesson we had to go on an actual walk in our own neighborhood. During this walk, we had to take pictures, videos and voice recordings, make drawings, take notes and collect whatever we could find.

This is most likely going to be very crowded, industrial and with little nature, looking at the online walk from today.

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