Primitive Architecture


Sources & Creatorship – Third Lesson

At the end of the last lesson we went to the library at our school to pick some books that might be interesting for our research. I picked 2 books: Primitive Architecture and Baksteen (Brick).

For this lesson I read Primitive Architecture.

Primitive Architecture

The first book I looked into and gathered infromation from, was Primitive Architecture, Enrico Guidoni 1987.
“A photographic and descriptive investigation of the structure, purpose, and interpretation of the buildings and landscape alterations of primitive societies.”

I choose this book, because it is the exact opposite of what I saw during my walk in my city.

These are some of the pictures that I found interesting.

‘What do you see?’:
What I mostly noticed about this collection, was that most of the pictures was architecture and a lot of them were houses. ALso, compared to my walk, the mediums were different, including alot of wood and rope and clay/stone, more natural materials. All the pictures are in black and white. In the book was a lot of repeating and buildings that looked really similar to eachother.

my reflection

I did find the book interesting, because of how different it is to what I saw during my walk (mediums etc). However, the more I looked into the book, the more it lost my interest. Could be that all the pictures are in black and white, could also be that there was so much repeat in buildings or only small changes.


This lesson I didn’t get feedback from my teacher.


Because this book turned out to not be so interesting to me, I will be reading my second book, Baksteen (Brick), for the next lesson.

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