Stupa, Buddha and Chakras


Sources & Creatorship – Sixth Lesson

For this lesson I choose the focus point for my research to be ‘Buddha sits in the Stupa‘.

buddha in the stupa

In my research about Stupas and the symbolism behind them, I found out that the middle part stands for Buddha.

I didn’t really realize what they meant by it, untill I googled it. Turns out that Buddha actually sits, in a meditation pose, in the stupa, on the throne with the crown on his head.

Buddha actually sits in the stupa in a meditating pose.


Next I found this image of a Buddha with chakras. ‘Chakras’ was a word I now had seen a couple of times, but never looked more into it.
Buddha is not the only place the chakras are located, but also the stupas themselfs contained them. On the exact places the meditating Buddha sitting in the stupa has them.

But what are the chakras exactly? This is my next focus point for my research.
I found alot about the chakras, including the location, colour, Buddhistic name and what they do. Some of it was really detailed, so I only looked at the basics about chakras:

The 7 chakras are also present in both the stupa and Buddha. Every chakra has a specific location, colour and meaning to it.

My reflection

Buddha sits in the stupa, literally.
The chakras are both in the stupa and Buddha present. Each chakra has a different colour, location and meaning.


I was advised to determine what the thread through my story was, or to pick a more specific part of my information to work further on. This could both be a new step in my investigation, or an experiment for a final work.

Another thing I was told to do, was to try and involve my choice of area in the last work. The area I chose is Illustrated & Animated Storytelling (IAS). So maybe I could somehow present the information I found in a form of a story.
I could make an informative booklet or instruction manual about the stupas or chakras. Or I can take a more Historic approach and show how the Stupas were made or designed.


For the next lesson, I’m going to be RESEARCHING and EXPERIMENTING with an interesting way to present the information I gathered about the stupas.

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