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Technology – Third Phase

Lesson 1: 1st February 2021


We got a lesson about Adobe Photoshop, how to use it and what you can do with it.

We had to make 10 “blobs”. Blobs are random figures drawn loosely in only black that you can see something in.

Lesson 2: 8th February 2021

Photoshop part 2

We had to continue with Adobe Photoshop, but now we had to create an landscape made out of different layers. This landscape we will be using in Adobe After Effects to make an video.

We also had to draw a character that we could move between the layers of the landscape.

Lesson 3: 23th February 2021

After Effects

This lesson we learned about Adobe After Effects, which is basically Photoshop with a timeline. 
We first made an exercise to get familiar with After Effects. Then we had to use the landscape and the characters and make the Characters walk through it. 

Click on the GIF to make it move!!

Lesson 4: 2nd March 2021

After Effects part 2

We made another 3 exercises with Adobe After effects, to explore all the possibilities of the program.

Lesson 5: 23th March 2021


This lesson was about Sound Design. Sound Design consists of Geophony (sounds made by nature), Biophony (sounds made by animals) & Antrophony (sounds made by man made objects).
Layered sound (used in animations and movies) consist of 3 layers:
Music, Vocals & Sound FX (sound effects).

We had to make an ‘Layered Sound’ in Adobe Audition, so use music, vocals and sound FX to make an audio.
I used ‘Jacob’s Ladder – Talking About Devils And Angels Scene‘ ,
‘Doomsday World – Background Music Epic Free’ &
Angelic Choir Background Music For Videos‘ from YouTube.
And ‘Church Bells‘ From

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