Distorted Consciousness


Technology – Extra

For the end of this period we had to make another PROJECT inspired by one of the 3 lessons. I chose the first and third lesson.

Distorted Consciousness

For the extra PROJECT I was inspired by the first lesson, working with Audacity and distorting sounds, and the third lesson, synesthesia.
I wanted to create a video in which certain things happened, but the sounds would be completely different, causing a really weird and distorted image.

I filmed a couple of different situations. The sounds of the videos I changed in Audacity. After changing the audios, I linked them to the video in Adobe Premiere Pro, creating a distorted video.

Distorted Consiousness

In my opinion, the video gives the desired results; a distorted video.


I used the first lesson, Audacity and distorting sounds, and the third lesson, synesthesia, as an inpsiration for my last PROJECT. I created a Distorted Consiousness in the form of a video.

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