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TechnologyFourth/ Extra lesson

For this semester we had to pick one of the themes from the past 3 lessons and continue to make work with this. I decided to pick the second lesson: Conditional Design.

conditional design

I really liked the exercise I got, but I decided to change it up a bit. I added 2 more variables to make it more interesting.

I picked 4 colours – red, purple, green & blue – and used a dice with 4 sides to pick which I would use.
I used the dice with 6 sides to determine what the degree of the angle would be:

  • 1 = 135 degrees Left
  • 2 = 90 degrees left
  • 3 = 45 degrees left
  • 4 = 45 degrees right
  • 5 = 90 degrees right
  • 6 = 135 degrees right

For how long the line would be, I used a dice with 12 sides, using the same method as in the original exercise:

  • 1 = 1mm.
  • 2 = 4mm.
  • 3 = 9mm.
  • 4 = 16mm.
  • 5 = 25mm.
  • 6 = 36mm.
  • 7 = 49mm.
  • 8 = 64mm.
  • 9 = 81mm.
  • 10 = 100mm.
  • 11 = 121mm.
  • 12 = 144mm.

These are the 2 drawings I made using the instruction above:

I already liked this one more, but I still wasn’t completely satisfied. The big open spaces annoyed me a lot and, in my opinion, there were just not enough lines. Normally I like organized and peacefully minimalistic ways, but these drawings can get a lot more ‘chaotic’ in my eyes. So, I decided to change the instructions somewhat more.


I was going to mirror every move. Everything I did on one side, I also did on the other side, but with the contrasting colour.
As colours I used red and its contrast colour green, and orange with its contrast colour blue.
After every single dice roll I switched the colours.
The degree list stayed the same.
For the length of the line I used another dice with 6 sides. I also changed what the numbers mean, mainly because 1 mm and 4 mm was just too small for me:

  • 1 = 5mm
  • 2 = 10mm
  • 3 = 15mm
  • 4 = 20mm
  • 5 = 25mm
  • 6 = 30mm

I really like how this one turned out!

But I decided to try it again, this time with 3 starting lines. I added the colour Yellow and its contrasting colour purple. I began with each line 120 degrees apart, after that everything stayed the same and was mirrored, but in threefold.
It looks like such a complex design, I love it!

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