Semi Controllable Variables


Technology – Second lesson

This lesson we conducted an EXPERIMENT, collected data and made a REACTIVE WORK with that data.

trowing stones

Today we had to conducte an experiment that is semi controllable, with a variable. I worked together with Celina, Loes and Wendy.

We decided on throwing stones up the stares and writing down on which stairs they landed in the form of data.

For this we first had to find some stones. We went outside and found 6 stones in 6 different sizes. We named them 1 till 6, 1 being the biggest and 6 being the smallest.
In the staircase we named ever single stairs a different letter form A till K, the one at the bottom being A and the one at the top being K.

I threw every stone up the stairs 10 times, while standing on the last stairs. While throwing the stones, we noticed that it was harder to land it on the higher stairs, so it became a personal challenge to try and get the stones as high as possible.
We collected the data form where every stone landed:

1 G F E F F G G H D H
2 A H H I K I I G G H
3 D A D A G B A A F E
4 E D F A A A E A G C
5 F A D F C A A D F E
6 A A A A D B D A A E

Throwing Stones on Stairs

It was hard to let the stones land on the higher stairs, some worked better than others. Stone number 2 was better at ending high, for example.

colour coding

To convert the data to a REACTIVE WORK, we decided to split the stairs in top, middle and bottom. We linked different colours to the 3 parts of the stairs:
A B C D – Yellow
E F G – Groen
H I J K – Blue

With this colour coding in mind we made 2 different REACTIVE WORKS. The first one was a big piece of paper on which we collected the data from all the stones. There were 6 different brush sizes used, symbolizing the 6 different sized rocks. On the paper the colours wear painted as how the stairs was; on top blue, in the middle green and on the bottom yellow.

The second REACTIVE WORK we made, was 6 different papers, each for one stone. We divided the pages in 10 parts, each part represented one of the 10 throws. We coloured those parts with the colour of the place it landed on.


Today we conducted EXPERIMENTS, collected data and converted this data to a REACTIVE WORK as a form of presenting the found data.

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