The Audible World


Technology – First lesson

Today we learned today how to work with Audacity, an audio editor and recorder.


During this lesson we had to walk around and record sounds with our phones. Doesn’t matter what you record, anything will do. After recording, we had change the sounds using the programme Audacity. The sound had to be about 30 seconds – 1 minute long.

I worked this lesson together with Celina. We recorded sounds all over the academy. Such as in the elevator, stone staircase, metal stairs, rings on metal pipes and a falling brick. 

Celina and I called the sound we maden “Journey to Uranes”, as a little inside joke.

My parents however, found that it fits more in a 90’s Horror movie, something like The Ring. After listening to our sound again, I had to agree with them, it sounded more like something from a scarry movie than something space-like.


I learned today how to work with Audacity, an audio editor and recorder, and use this software to edit sounds that we recorded ourselfs.

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