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Technology – Third lesson

This lesson we learned what synesthesia is (when senses are linked, but not in a logical way) and we made an experience / REACTIVE WORK with this.


Synesthesia is the phenomenon in which multiple senses get triggered, eventhough only one is actually getting an impulse. This can be like calling a number and linking that number to a specific colour.


We had to make an experience that stimulated multiple senses. I worked together with Celina, Loes and Wendy.

We decided to make the experience as a form of conditioning. We combined colours with an experience, to be precise a not so positive experience. We first EXPERIMENTED with a colour randomizer site. We put a testsubject in front of a laptop and kept refreshing the page, making different colours appear. When a certain colour appears, in this case blue, we poked their sides. 
First the testsubject wouldn’t know what is going on and what will happen, but gets anxious. Then when the testsubject started seeing a pattern, they find out what colour the trigger is. That was the time they became really observant and anxious for the colour to show up. Because the lines between the different colours are very blurred and personal, so what is blue and what is not can differ per person. Sometimes the testsubject would flinch thinking it was blue, but other person wouldn’t find it blue enough.

We realized that it would be better if all the other senses would be excluded as much as possible and that the focus should be on the colours. So we rented an dark room and an beamer, to display the colours on a wall and exclude all noices.
We first tested this out on me: 

Test on me, performed by Celina

We used 2 classmates as testsubjects to present our EXPERIMENT. Unfortunately we were not able to film this.

The EXPERIMENT works in making the testsubject anxious towards a certain colour, by linking this colour to getting poked in the sides. In the video you can clearly see how I keep getting more anxious.


A bunch of photos of us just messing around with the beamer and the colours:


We successfully made an experience that linked a colour to an expectation; synesthesia.

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